Possibility To Use Wind Energy For Home In 2021

Possibilities of using wind power for homes: For centuries people have used wind power, primarily to take care of mechanical work in windmills or to operate water pumps. It raises the question of whether wind power as it is used in large wind turbines is also useful for supplying energy to the family home.

Technically, the use of small wind turbines in the private sector is quite possible. With a system rated at 0.6 kW, for example, could generate enough electricity to light a house with 4 bedrooms, a system providing the power of 2.5 kW is also much more common than most electronic devices can be used.

With an average lifespan of 20 years, acquiring such a system is definitely worth considering. The height of the plant should be 5.5-15 meters, installation of several small plants on the roof is possible, should be included here, but noise and vibration transmission to the roof structure.

In some remote areas, wind turbines are often the only way to get a supply of electricity, rising energy costs to make plants, but also attractive to households with a conventional connection. According to the Renewable Energy Laws (EEG) electricity from these factories will be paid a certain amount. With skill and knowledge of mechanical and electrical can build these facilities themselves.

The derivative of wind power can be used for personal purposes, the excess energy is fed into the national grid. Thus, current costs are reduced, reducing emissions and promoting renewable energy. You can also be largely independent from the main network.

Check with the Reggie dies Sentiments or the relevant planning authorities for the appropriate building permits.

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