How To Gain Wind Energy As An Electricity Company

How To Gain Wind Energy As An Electricity Company: More and more, in all corners of the wind turbines in Germany or even entire wind farms. Especially on ridges or plains, we meet these phenomena are increasingly thin.

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Wind turbines are used to using the wind to generate electrical power. This energy is either used for private purposes and the surplus is fed into the grid. Or are they used for purely commercial use of electricity.

The advantages of wind turbines are enormous. They produce totally clean energy. The only raw material removal in the wild is wind power. To produce wind power is not needed. It is in the power of the wind by a so-called renewable energy. Especially on ridges or large plains where the wind almost always blows, this type of power generation is the best alternative to coal-fired power stations, hydroelectric power stations and nuclear power stations. Intervention in nature is minimal and has maximum optical irritation for some people.

The performance of a wind turbine with an average annual production of 6 megawatts is enormous. A nuclear power plant with all its negative impact on the natural environment and produces 1,200 megawatts per year. In order to produce the power of a nuclear power plant, would be purely arithmetic 200 windmills necessary. Rotate this number to be wind supplied to the best locations in Germany, which would lead to a possible while undermining the landscapes.

Disadvantages of wind turbines are the potential cast shadows, when the wind is too close to residential buildings. Through the shadows created by the rotation of the rotor blades a continuous process of light-dark effect in the garden or home, which can be distracting. In older wind turbines, it comes through the rotors, which slice through the air, to an unpleasant noise for some people. Another negative aspect is a possible danger to migratory birds, which in the worst case fly in the rotating blades.

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