Wait For The Windows To Properly And Save Energy

Wait for the window correctly and save energy: If you want to reduce the cost of electricity or heat that can be done easily and with little action. Due to the constant maintenance of the window, you can save money. Because even small leaks create messes and remove the house from important heat energy.

Regular cleaning and maintenance of windows is the most important factor if you want to save energy. Larger particles can damage the surface by mechanical impact or damage is the breeding ground for mold growth, rubber seals and frames can. In the simplest case, the dirt particles so that the rubber gaskets are not properly placed on the frame.

Many modern windows have what are called water bars on the frame, allowing rainwater and condensation to flow. This is especially important as these tracks are kept free of dirt and other debris. And to avoid even greater heat loss, you should always make sure the windows are set properly. Regular examination of the hinges is recommended so that the window closes too tightly. The anchor screws in most cases just too tight or too lax drew an adjustment here, often enough to save a lot of energy.

With the old wood of the windows is recommended that the foam strips replaced at regular intervals, as they lose in a few years its elasticity and therefore the window does not close tight. Another important aspect are the locks that exist in old wooden windows with screwed pivot bolts. If they are loose, then closing the window is no longer correct. Often the screws cannot be tightened, whereby a reduction of the screw holes is necessary. For this to be simply removed the fittings and filled the holes with wood putty. Even this small investment will significantly help reduce energy consumption.

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In modern tilt-and-turn windows, this work can be done much easier and, of course, in this case simply readjust only the locks with screws.

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