Financing For Solar Installations Of 2021

Basically, in the promotion between existing buildings (already existing houses) and new buildings can be distinguished. New buildings are currently not eligible, unfortunately.

Financing For Solar Installations

In existing buildings, the Federal Office of the Economy and export control zones different: the supply of solar heat and refrigeration and solar collector systems, which provide heat primarily thermal power, space heating , water heating and heating as well as combined.

The request for funding must be received no later than 6 months after setting the plant. The project must be started after 2009 and completed upon receipt of the application. Provided, however, that the building and a heating system before 2009 are available.

Is the promotion based on the initial installation of a solar collector system approximately 90 to 40 square meters? per square meter. In addition to this core funding can be sought for particularly innovative construction projects or an effective bonus promotion. This is the case for example, if at the same time as the construction of a solar system a highly efficient solar collector pump is installed.

Another type of support can come in the form of very low cost loans. This credit cannot be used to build a solar plant and is currently with only 4-5% interest.

It is also the tariff, where the generated electricity is fed into the grid. For this purpose, the generator receives a certain amount, according to the current Energy Renewable Sources Act (EEG). Since the 20 year feed-in tariff is guaranteed by the state to recognize a large number of these banks as collateral for the whole system and are ready to finance a loan without equity such as for example the construction of a house is common.

Since 2009, there is also the promotion of state consumption. It will be paid, not only the current injected, but also the energy consumption will be encouraged with a certain amount.

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