Abdul Hamid’s Mosquito Repellent Will Keep Away From Zika Virus In 2021

The whole world is worried about the deadly Zika virus, just then Abdul Hamid from Chittagong came up with a safe way to get rid of the mosquito-borne virus. Safe for public health The new mosquito repellent in the village of Popadia in Noalkhali upazila received government approval last year. This year it has been published in the Gazette published by the Department of Patents, Designs and Trademarks of the Ministry of Industry.

Mosquito Killer ‘built using the latest technology. Before the government recognized it, it took about 18 months in different countries of the world. Since then the device has kicked recognition because it is nowhere to be found.

Abdul Hamid, 34, said the mosquito repellent and the chemicals used would not spread any toxins. As many mosquitoes as there are in two thousand square feet, all the mosquitoes will enter the machine. This device can be used everywhere in the house and outside.

In addition to electricity, it will run for four to five hours with a battery. The instrument is 500-600 grams. The power consumption will be seven watts. It will last for four months with a refill worth 100 rupees. The one-time price of the device with a refill is two thousand rupees. He said it was not possible to market the new device due to lack of funds. Address for receiving the device: First Technology BD, 22 Atarjon Jashe Chittagong.

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