Chinese Farmer Made The Aircraft in 2020

The Chinese Farmer Made The Aircraft.

A Chinese garlic farmer had a dream that he would fly a bean. But when he realized that his dream was not going to come true, he decided to build an airplane himself. The construction work of the aircraft of that farmer of Zhu Yue Mam is nearing the end.

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There is little work left to build the entire replica of the Airbus A-320 model aircraft. Zhu Yue could not cross the secondary boundaries. Earlier he started cultivating onion and garlic. Later he worked as a weaver. He realizes that his dream of flying a plane may never come true. I’m older now and I can’t even afford a plane.

But I can make it. He invested more than 26 lakh Euro (31 crore three lakh 6 thousand 480 rupees) of his savings in aircraft determination.

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