5 Ways To Increase Immunity Very Fast In 2021

Here Are Some Ways To Increase Immunity Very Fast: It is important for every human body to have adequate immunity. If someone falls into bed with a mild flu, their immune system needs to be strengthened, experts say, adding that natural methods can boost the body’s immune system.

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1. Regular sleep: When you wake up at night, the body’s immune system gradually breaks down. Germs are easily transmitted to the body. So it is not right to omit night sleep.

2. Eating Garlic: Eat more garlic. It has many health benefits. Regular consumption of garlic strengthens the immune system. Increases immunity.

3. Lemon, honey, ginger, turmeric and warm water: this is a great tonic. Mixing lemon juice, honey, ginger powder and turmeric in lukewarm water will be beneficial. These foods contain antioxidant and antiviral ingredients and vitamin C. These increase immunity.

4. Eating Chicken Soup: Chicken soup contains anti-inflammatory ingredients. Eating onions, sweet potatoes, carrots, turnips, etc. with chicken increases immunity. Chicken soup also contains a substance called incarnadine which is very effective in preventing colds.

5. Exercise: Exercise should be done at least two-three days a week even if there is no habit. Exercise will increase the body’s resistance to disease. This removes bacteria from the lungs. The white blood cells flow smoothly. As a result, they easily identify the disease and work to prevent it.

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