The World Is Getting Lighter In Weight

The World Is Getting Lighter In Weight

Oxygen is one of the reasons that life exists on earth. Scientists say oxygen is rapidly declining. The world is getting lighter in weight; Which is really worrying.

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Oxygen is declining at the same rate as the Earth, but carbon dioxide is not. Again, nitrogen and methane in the air are not decreasing at that rate. Scientists estimate that this same situation happened to our nearest neighbor Mars billions of years ago.

Scientists are trying to find out exactly why the earth is losing oxygen so fast. To this end, a fancy sounding rocket called Visions-2 was recently launched from the north coast of Norway. Scientists did not finish their work just by sending rockets.

A research team has reached the north coast of Norway. “We did not come to see the beauty of Aurora Arboreal, said one of the researchers.

Aurora arboreal is the main reason behind the thinning of the Earth’s atmosphere and the rapid movement of breathing air into space. That’s what we came to see.

Sir James Jeans was the first to speak of the idea of ​​the Earth’s atmosphere becoming progressively thinner. He said that the Earth’s atmosphere would one day leave us and be lost in space. On that day, there will be no more balls on earth.

As a result, the biodiversity of this blue planet will no longer be one of the main means of survival. But it will take more time At least 1 billion years. But scientists now say the phenomenon is not happening so slowly. That means it can happen quickly.

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