ASUS Has Released – World’s Fastest Mobile Phone Of 2021

Asus Has Released a Review of the World’s Fastest Phone: Asus has announced a new smart phone product P565 as “the fastest PDA phone in the world”. It is too early to verify whether Asus’s statement is true, but it must be admitted that the P565 from Asus has significant features, it packs a Marvel processor with a clock speed of 800MHz.

According to Asus, this phone is much faster than any product currently available, scoring a Vsbenchmark that is almost twice as fast as its competitors.

Glide comes with a 2.8-inch touch screen of 480 x 640 resolution powered by Asus’s Glide-Multi Touch technology which makes it easy for users to easily select, zoom, scroll and flip Windows Mobile based on their mobile phone. Phone.

The Asus P565 is designed to meet the needs of the business community. The combination of an 800 MHz processor with a responsive touch screen UI makes Asus phones a product that can increase productivity.

The high-performance P565 processor is suitable for multi-tasking while Glide makes it easy for users to switch applications with their fingers. The P565 brings a variety of business-based applications and features such as Push Mail, Business Card Recognition and Microsoft Office Mobile. In terms of speed, the P565 also supports 3.6Mbps HSDPA.

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