Great Discovery – Electric Shock Will Wake Up!

Electric shock will wake up: This time the real medicine has come for those who do not wake up even with the sound of the clock’s alarm. If sleep is disturbed even by mild tremors and loud noises, this time you will be woken up by an electric shock. A watch will perform this duty of waking up on time. The name of this smart watch is * Shock Crook ‘.

This watch is made by an organization called Pavlov. The manufacturers claim that the watch in the hand will vibrate at the time of alarm. If you don’t wake up, it will make a “beep beep” sound.

If this does not work, then electric shock will be given! Such electric shocks will be given, which will only create discomfort. But will do no harm to the body. And if it continues like this for a few days, once the user does not have to go to the third step, the watch makers are hoping that the initial vibration will wake them up.

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