People Should Learn From Dogs In 2021

It is common knowledge that pets do not cheat on their owners. But his evidence was again found in an incident in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. The hero of this incident is the pet dog of Gurdev Singh, a farmer from a village near Dudhua National Park near Shahajanpur.

A few days ago, Gurdev was sleeping outside the house due to extreme heat. The pet dog was lying next to him. Suddenly the roar of a tiger is heard. Jockey then tries to call his boss so that he can escape the tiger’s attack. But Gurdev Singh’s sweat did not break. And by then the tiger had come very close. When the master’s sleep is finally broken, the tiger is right in front. After Gurdev woke up and picked up a thick stick, Jockey himself went ahead to deal with the tiger. To do. The tiger did not want to find the little dog at first.

But Seeing his stubborn attitude, the tiger killed him first. Then he was bitten on the neck and dragged towards the forest. Gurdev and his neighbors tried for a long time to find Zakir’s body in a distant forest. Gurdev Singh said his children had brought the little dog from the road four years ago. Jockey could lead them to school every day.

Gurdev’s sons and daughters could not eat or drink that day in the grief of losing him. I would let him eat only a few loaves of bread every day. It is unbelievable that he would save my life with his own life. People should learn by watching them, ”said Gurdev Singh.

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