6 Uses of Marching Pepper For Good Health

Uses of Marching Pepper For Good Health: It is used as spice to dry its fruit. From ancient times, the pepper is being used to increase the taste of cooking and augmentation. But there are some other use of pepper, which are unknown. Some exceptional use of Marching Pepper were mentioned.

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1. To mitigate the cough

Know many of the use of ginger, cloves to remove cough, cough. Widest peppers are also good coughing. Tin is mixed with tea, and mixed with the gaps of the pepper. If 1 tablespoon peppercorn, 2 tablespoons of honey and a cup of water mixed with 15 minutes after burning 15 minutes and drink it down. Cough will be reduced.

2. To leave smoking

A pepper oil will be taken to leave a lot of smoking. When there will be a lot of desire to smoke, then the wise of smoking will go away, if the fertilizer of the pepper oil is taken.

3. To reduce muscle pain

If using pepper oil in muscle pain, it will help to reduce pain. Along with it, it helps to make penmanship strong. 4 teaspoons with 2 tablespoons round pepper oil will be mixed with oil or art juice. Where the pain in the pain in the pain in the pain in the pain, the pain will reduce the pain.

4. Increasing digestion

While the stomach from the stomach is relaxed, parochialism acid is released, which helps to digest food quickly and increases the hunger by removing it.

5. The skin is used in the skin

the tube has been used for a long time. Anti bacterial and antioxidant elements are in pillar. Which clears you from inside.

6. To open the closed nose

When the nose is closed in cold, boil 5 drops of play pepper oil and eucalyptus oil in water and take a few breaths on this water, the closed nose will be opened in an instant.

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